Two weeks straight of 14 hour days. We have not updated the website yet which has caused some unconvinced for out of town customers. So sorry. Hope to have that done shortly. Phones are also down til tomorrow. We lost the cords. We hope to be open by next weekend but there is much work to do to the new space. New address is 4021 13 Ave west. Google only has 1425 13 ave west so find us on the backside under the Ballard Bridge off Nickerson. Thanks for ever being our customer. We love you.

Bedrock is the only US manufacturer of Glass Smalti which we make from Blazestone. You can also order Blazestone Smalti Tile to make your own. We are the only US company wet tumbling glass and ceramic material in large quantities and some of our glass is collected from the oldest glass studio in Seattle. We sell that stuff tumbled or just broken and it’s awesome.

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We have a huge selection of Raw Mosaic Glass Cullet, all screened to any size you want and we even tumble the dregs from Blazestone tile mis-firings into pebble size chunks of beauty. Bedrock Industries recycles an average of around 220,000 lbs of glass per year. Much of it goes into tile for peoples backsplashs and bathroom walls but a lot of it goes into mosaic art and as a company we are honored to offer these materials to the evolution of such a grand art.

Specializing in Trash Beautification Since 1992.